V 1.0 Beta

Welcome to the contented layout engine. Input your content via XML or the user interface, select a style and let our tech produce a customised layout for it. All our layouts are generated without using templates of any kind.
Using artificial intelligence, Contented creates automated page layouts, designed and presented based on user defined rules and canvas size.

Our technology creates layouts designed from actual content, without the restrictions of a template or placeholders.
Minimise design overheads by automating the process in a fraction of the time taken by a designer. Imagine unlimited design resource but without the cost!

Free your thinking by removing restrictive templates and placeholders, allowing content to drive your design.
Seamlessly integrate the Contented engine into your own or third party products.

Boost the value of your platform or content by adding Contented Artificial Intelligence using our API, delivering personalised automated layouts of content in real time.